Oracle GPnP (Grid Plug n Play) Profile

What information is stored in GPnP profile

GPnP along with OLR have enough information, which is sufficient enough to form a cluster. So dependency on OCR is greatly reduced (not eliminated).

GPnP is managed by GPnPD (Grid plug and play demon).  GPnPD ensures synchronization of  GPnP profile across all the nodes in the cluster. Profile is a XML file, which is stored locally on each node at


List of few important things stored in a GPnP profile

  1. Network interfaces & their subnets
  2. ASM diskstring & spfile information

NOTE: ASM spfile is stored in ASM. But to start ASM, we’ll need spfile.  Oracle know spfile  location from GPnP profile & it reads spfile flag from underlying disk(s) and then starts the ASM.

grid@db1:/u01> kfed read '/dev/sdh' | grep spfile
kfdhdb.spfile: 20 ; 0x0f4: 0x00000014

A typical profile will be as following

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