Datapump export to ASM diskgroup

We can create export dumps to the ASM diskgroups. But we can’t write expdp log to ASM (as it is a text file).

We can store following file types in ASM

– Control files
– Datafiles, temporary datafiles, and datafile copies
– Online redo logs, archive logs, and Flashback logs
– RMAN backups
– Disaster recovery configurations
– Change tracking bitmaps
– Data Pump dumpsets

Following example shows, that export is written to ASM based dictionary, but log is written to another directory (based on filesystem)

$ expdp directory=EXP_DIR dumpfile=test.dmp schemas=test 

SQL> select owner,directory_name,directory_path from 
dba_directories where directory_name in 
------- ---------------- ---------------------------------------
SYS EXP_DIR +EXPDPDG00/app/oracle/admin/testdb/exp
SYS EXPDP_DUMPDIR /u01/app/oracle/admin/testdb/expdp

Where  EXP_DIR is a ASM based directory & EXPDP_DUMPDIR is on a filesystem.

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