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ASM database not starting automatically after server reboot

As we all know that in unix, we have different runlevels and every runlevel have certain demons to be started and stopped. We can check the demons in each runlevel by going to directory /etc/rc.d/rc[0-6] or /etc/init.d (or some platform … Continue reading

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EXP-00056: ORACLE error 1555 encountered

While using the conventional export (exp) utility for exporting the table, following error was seen. . . exporting table         XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX      14780 rows exported . . exporting table                          XXXXX     589614 rows exported Table XXXXXXXXXX will be exported in conventional path. . … Continue reading

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Oracle external table preprocessors

How to use external table preprocessors to unzip files on-the-fly We are using external tables for reading the text files. Now instead of ASCII files, if we may get compressed files as input. Here we have two options to handle … Continue reading

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Convert non-partition table to partition table using Oracle redefinition

Goals To convert the non-partition table to partition table No/minimal application downtime Dependent objects should also get created Option to convert current non-primary key global index to local indexes I’ve used scott schema to redefine a table. Scott will need … Continue reading

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