Oracle Cloud File System

Oracle ASM is now cloud ready with its latest release  Cloud File System is the latest offering from Oracle, which is an extension of ASM, ADVM & ACFS.  It is designed to build the cost effective private cloud solutions.  It creates the foundation for the databases (ASM), general purpose files & cluster infrastructure (ACFS).

Oracle CouldFS consists of following components

1. Automatic Storage Management
2. ASM Dynamic Volume Manager (ADVM can be used to create ACFS, ext3, OCFS2)
3. ASM Cluster File System

We need to install Oracle Grid Infrastructure, to use Oracle CloudFS.  Managing the filesystem can be done using OS native commands, ASMCMD, acfsutil, Oracle EM, asmca & SQL command interface.

As part of CloudFS, ACFS now supports features like Snapshot, Tagging, Replication, Security & Encryption

Snapshot – Snapshot is a point in time copy of the file system. It uses the Copy-On-Write technology, which uses minimal storage.

Tagging – Tagging allows to group the files by adding a tag name attribute to the files. Tagging can be done across directories, cluster.

Replication – Replication allows the replication of the files across ACFS from primary to standby. This can be used in conjunction with Data Guard to build complete DR solution.

Security – Security feature allows the fine grained access to the data (which is addition to the access control provided by operating system)

Encryption – Standard key based encryption is also another feature.  Here each file encrypted using File Encryption Key (FEK) & Volume Encryption key (VEK).

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