Oracle In-Place & Out-of-Place Upgrade

We can perform database upgrade from to in 2 ways

1. In-Place
2. Out-of-Place (Oracle's recommended approach)

In prior releases, how it worked

DB Upgrade 8i to 10g (Out-Of-Place)

We install Oracle binaries for 10g at new location, then use DBUA or catupgrd.sql script to upgrade DB. This is Out-of-Place migration (i.e. created new oracle home, from inventory perspective).

DB Upgrade to (In-Place)

Here we won’t install patchset in new home (Oracle won’t let us do that, as it is a patch), but select the existing home to upgrade. We also keep a backup of original, as we may have to fail back.

As is not a patch and full install.  It does not allow us to install binaries in existing home (i.e. In-Place). But as I mentioned above, we can perform both upgrades

Case of In-Place upgrade

It is mandatory to move/rename existing oracle home and then install new binaries in existing oracle home path (i.e. same physical location but new binaries). Then run the upgrade script. In case of failure, we can revert back to original home (provided we have backup of old home).

Case of Out-of-Place upgrade

We need to install in new home and run the upgrade script.

In both cases, we have to provision space for two oracle homes. In case of Out-of-Place upgrade it is mandatory. In case of In-Place migration it is good to have, but not mandatory.

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5 Responses to Oracle In-Place & Out-of-Place Upgrade

  1. karnash says:

    can you advise me “how do we migrate the Oracle Database from the older Oracle home to OH for out-of-place upgrade. I have and want to upgrade to on RH.
    I have installed software only to a new OH. Can you advise how do I now migrade the db to this new OH or how do I do the upgrade. Thanks

  2. karnash says:

    Hi Yogesh,
    do we set _datafile_write_errors_crash_instance to true or false ?

    • It’s up to you to decide “what should happen in case of write failure continue/crash”

      Refer Metalink Note – Bug 7691270 – Crash the DB in case of write errors (rather than just offline files) [ID 7691270.8]

  3. chintan says:

    thanks sir,its very useful me to do upgradation to

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