Automated Oracle Install

Normally building the database servers requires installing the required operating system, installing the oracle database binaries setup the required environment etc. Normally it becomes a routine time consuming task. There are platform specific options available to reduce these efforts.  For example, on AIX, we can create a mksysb image with oracle binaries and build a machine using this image. Similarly, on Solaris we can use jumpstart image to build a machine.

But these approaches are platform specific. We can have a platform independent solution as following

1. Archive source oracle home on a working installation using tar/gzip as

 $ tar -zcvf 11gr2.tgz 11gr2

2. Copy this archive file to target machine’s oracle base and un-tar the same as

 $ tar -zxvf 11gr2.tgz

3. Create oracle user/profile on target node and check the permissions of new oracle home

4. Issue attach home command as following from oracle home

$ /oracle/11gr2/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -attachHome -invPtrLoc /oracle/11gr2/oraInst.loc ORACLE_HOME=”/oracle/11gr2″ ORACLE_HOME_NAME=”OraDb11g_home2″ LOCAL_NODE=”<nodename>” -jreLoc /oracle/11gr2/jdk/jre

So this approach needs a working oracle home, which we’ll tar/zip and use it for further installs.  Once the oracle home is restored from the tar, we can use Oracle Universal Installer to set up the Central Inventory by using the attachHome option.

This approach may also be useful when we need to do a remote install, where we do not have luxury to use x-windows to throw the display.

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