CRS-0254: authorization failure

At time of re-creating the OCR & Voting disk using, I started getting following error.

[Thread-26] [19:20:21:620] []  ERROR>CRS-0254:  authorization failure

Following are the probable causes and their solutions

1. Raw Volume Ownership

This will be the prime candidate to start the diagnosis.  If the Volume ownership is not correct, we’ll get this error.  Normally this will happen, when an old OCR & Voting is being reused.

2. OCR/VOTE disks are not properly initialized/re-initialized

Cleanup the raw volume using the dd command

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rdsk/c2t20120002AC000212d14s6 bs=10240 count=256

3. Use a new raw volume and grant appropriate permissions.

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