PRKC-1073 : Failed to transfer directory

After installing the CRS at the end got following error.

WARNING: Error while copying directory /oracle/crs10gr2/inventory with exclude file list ‘/tmp/OraInstall2010-06-24_04-20-28PM/installExcludeFile.lst’ to nodes xxxxxxxx. [PRKC-1073 : Failed to transfer directory “/oracle/crs10gr2/inventory” to any of the given nodes ” xxxxxxxx “. 

Error on node xxxxxxxx:null]

Refer to ‘/oraInventory/logs/installActions2010-06-24_04-20-28PM.log’ for details. You may fix the errors on the required remote nodes. Refer to the install guide for error recovery. Click ‘Yes’ if you want to proceed. Click ‘No’ to exit the install. Do you want to continue?

I was not sure, what problem it was going to create. I checked metalink with these details, but didn’t find any note specific to this error. There was a reference in a doc 404248.1, “How To Install Oracle CRS And RAC Software On Itanium Servers With Montecito Processors”

One can safely ignore this error & click yes to continue.

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