Oracle 11gR2 OFFLINE GSD resources

In oracle 11gR2 many things have changed. One of the things, which is noticeable in crs_stat -t output is OFFLINE GSD resources. All the resources related to GSD are offline.

labsx86-1:~ # crsstat | grep gsd

ora.labsx86-1.gsd OFFLINE OFFLINE
ora.labsx86-2.gsd OFFLINE OFFLINE

One may only need to enable this, if you are running Oracle 9i RAC in the cluster.

Also crs_stat is deprecated in 11g Release 2. Oracle encourage to use crsctl stat res -t.

crsctl stat res -t output is divided in two parts

a) Local Resources
b) Cluster Resources

I guess it’s a question of getting use to the output.

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4 Responses to Oracle 11gR2 OFFLINE GSD resources

  1. mani says:

    whats the solution for this problem. i am not understood from this explanation.

    • This is not a problem as such. So you don’t need to fix it. It is as per design. It will not impact working of 11gR2 RAC (it is only needed if 9i RAC DB is running in cluster).
      For more details check Metalink Note [ID 429966.1] GSD Is Used Only if 9i RAC Database is Present.

      • Ricky says:

        I can make the gsd online in ,but after I upgrade the rac to,the gsd resource could not be online anymore…

        Although I know the gsd is only useful in 9i rac…but I mean can I just bring them online?

      • Sorry never tried. But don’t think there is any way to do that.

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