Oracle 11gR1 Installer fails for fileset xlc.aix50.rte on AIX 6

At the time of installing the Oracle EE 11gr1 (, pre-requisite check screen returned few warnings related to filesets. Installer was complaining about missing filesets, xlC.aix50.rte (apart from few more)

INFO: Checking for bos.adt.base(0.0); found bos.adt.base( Passed
Checking for bos.adt.lib(0.0); found bos.adt.lib( Passed
Checking for bos.perf.libperfstat(0.0); found bos.perf.libperfstat( Passed
Checking for bos.perf.perfstat(0.0); found bos.perf.perfstat( Passed
Checking for bos.perf.proctools(0.0); found bos.perf.proctools( Passed
Checking for rsct.basic.rte(0.0); Not found. Failed <<<<
Checking for rsct.compat.clients.rte(0.0); Not found. Failed <<<<
Checking for xlC.aix50.rte(; Not found. Failed <<<<
Checking for xlC.rte(; found xlC.rte( Passed
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<

I was not too much concerned about rsct.basic.rte & rsct.compat.clients.rte, as these filesets are mainly required for RAC install & I was going to install standalone software.

I checked, what all packages were available.

$ lslpp -l | grep xlC

xlC.aix61.rte COMMITTED XL C/C++ Runtime for AIX 6.1
xlC.cpp COMMITTED C for AIX Preprocessor
xlC.rte COMMITTED XL C/C++ Runtime
xlC.sup.aix50.rte COMMITTED XL C/C++ Runtime for AIX 5.2

So AIX 6.1 runtime environment was installed, but the version was higher.

Checked Metalink for similar issue. I found Metalink Note: 741422.1, which talks about the exactly same problem. It was a known issue & the solution was pretty simple too.

We need to edit the …/database/stage/prereq/db/refhost.xml file from the install binaries.

1. Check section

2. Backup the original file as refhost.xml.orig.

3. Change the to or to the installed xlC version

4. Start the install again. Back & Next option will not work & it will still show the same error. Installer picks up the file at the start & dynamic changes made won’t reflect.

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