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RMAN backup completion percentage

Let’s assume, we are doing a backup of a large database. At a given time, if we need to check, how much backup is finished & how much is left, so that we can have some estimates. Following query can … Continue reading

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Oracle 11gR2 OFFLINE GSD resources

In oracle 11gR2 many things have changed. One of the things, which is noticeable in crs_stat -t output is OFFLINE GSD resources. All the resources related to GSD are offline. labsx86-1:~ # crsstat | grep gsd ora.gsd OFFLINE OFFLINE ora.labsx86-1.gsd … Continue reading

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Oracle 11gR2 RAC – How to change SCAN port

To change the SCAN port, one can use following command as grid owner $ srvctl modify scan_listener -p 1523 1) Check if the changed port is reflected $ srvctl config scan_listener SCAN Listener LISTENER_SCAN1 exists. Port: TCP:1523 SCAN Listener LISTENER_SCAN2 … Continue reading

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Oracle 11gR2 SCAN Configuration

11gR2 has introduced a new concept, SCAN (Single Client Access Name). Normally used in RAC environment, provides a single name for clients to access an Oracle Database running in a cluster (In prior versions, tnsnames.ora entries will have all nodes … Continue reading

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How to enable archivelog mode using DBCA

When we create a database using dbca silent option, by default the database is created in noarchivelog mode. So to enable archiving, one will have to shutdown, mount, enable archivelog and then open the database. Normally we’ll use following command … Continue reading

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Oracle install on AIX 6.1 – Query Exception: RunningProcessException

I was trying to install Oracle 10gR2/11gR1 on a AIX 6100-05 box, which was LPAR created on an IBM BLADE. Started getting following error Query Exception: RunningProcessException Query Exception Class: class oracle.sysman.oii.oiil.OiilQueryException INFO: null Oracle Universal Installer has detected that … Continue reading

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ASM instance creation on Solaris x86 fails with "end-of-file communication channel" error

I was trying to create an ASM instance on Solaris 10 x86 server using dbca. But it was failing with “end-of-file communication channel” error. ASM alert log Oracle instance running with ODM: Veritas 5.1 ODM Library, Version 2.0 cluster interconnect … Continue reading

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