asmca – ASM creation in 11gR2

Since oracle 11gr2, ASM instance creation is a part of grid infracture. “ASMCA” a new utility added for creating ASM instance.

First screen of this utility asks for ASM SYS, ASMSNAP passwords. Apart from that we have to create a disk group for storing the SPFILE.

Click the “Specify Disk Group Button” to create a disk group.

Changing the disk discovery path & permissions of the disks remains same (as previous versions 10gr2 & 11gR1).

After specifying the required discovery path, disks selection is allowed. Click OK to go back to previous screen.

Click Create ASM, for creating the diskgroup.

Oracle 11gR2 throws an error, if the password specified is not as par the “complexity policy”. Following popup will be prompted. Not sure, if the text on the screen is broken!! Click Yes to continue.

An ASM instance & required diskgroup is created.

Click OK & a summary screen will appear, with the node & ASM instance details.

Disk group tab also remains same.

But when we click create, it comes to a screen, where we can select “show advanced options” , which will let us select diskgroup properties like compatibility, AU_SIZE

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