INS-40910 in 11gR2 CRS install

Recently while installing 11gr2 RAC I faced this issue. At after specifying VIP’s in CRS install I got INS-40910

From Oracle Database Error Messages

INS-40910: enter the virtual IP: string is invalid.
Cause: The virtual IP cannot resolve the IP address.
Action: IP address can be resolved to a valid Please enter a VIP.

Error looked to be very simple. i.e. VIP is not correct. But when I checked the /etc/hosts entries were correct node1-vip node2-vip

So I checked the installation log to see, what names are being used. CRS was trying to use, VIP address as

I did nslookup & result was node1-vip. So entries in DNS were corrected & install was successful. So check if expected VIP is correctly resgitered in DNS (use nslookup to verify).

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