TNS-04404 / TNS-04414 / TNS-04612

Problem description

1. While creating a cluster database, dbca error out with TNS-04404, TNS-04414 & TNS-04612 errors.

2. Similar problem is faced, when netca is used to add new services

Utility tnsping does not report this problem.


Probable cause of these errors is an entry in tnsnames.ora file. Due to manual editing of tnsnames.ora, some special characters are added, which are causing file-parsing issues.


1. Remove tnsnames.ora file & recreate using netca
2. Remove the specific entry, which is reported as part of ‘null RHS’ error

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3 Responses to TNS-04404 / TNS-04414 / TNS-04612

  1. Michel Riou says:

    This problem occur when i run version 10.2 of Console Enterprise Manager
    This a very funny error but took me a lot tries and errors to solve it !

    I’ts related to the syntax of an entry defining an SID in the tnsnames.ora. This an oracle bug for sure
    Here is an entry in my tnsnames.ora =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = myoraclehost)(PORT = 1521))
    (SERVICE_NAME = mydb)

    At first look this entry is valid. At least SHOULD BE VALID an understood by oracle tnsnames interpreter
    After a couple of tries, i finally found that there should be at least one space between the begining of the line where figure out the description keyword (DESCRIPTION

    I’ve corrected the problem by inserting a space before this keyword.
    This happen

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